This is Jackie

Creative Director and Owner of Penelope Pots

Jackie’s Background

Photos by Lovisa Photo

Having spent 8 years at a prominent commercial Landscape Architecture Firm, Jackie Miller, Owner and Creative Director of Penelope Pots, cultivated her love of ornamental horticulture and design.  Her educational background is in Architectural design and drafting, which complements her ability to create floral and event designs that are both beautiful and designed with intention.

Penelope Pots is a fairly new venture, being just three years in business, however, it has had remarkable success in its short time. Averaging over 100 events executed each year, the company has managed to achieve success in both the event industry, as well as in the design community.  The company has been published in major blogs and magazines, and has received several event industry accolades.

Penelope Pots is a passion venture for Jackie, who named the business after her daughter, Penelope. She welcomed a son, August, into the world, March 2017.  Her two children and supportive husband continue to inspire her to create and build a design studio that she can pass along one day.